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fresh products since 1995

Sustainable development

The company carries out actions that are part of the desire for sustainable development. The goal of investing in new ranges is to adapt to consumer expectations to maintain a sustainable business model with good products, good partners and thoughtful work management.

1 .    Healthy products

By working fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the field, from organic agriculture or without pesticide residues, we offer a wide choice of products with ecological value.

2 .    waste recycling

We have optimized our waste management through selective sorting. Our business essentially generates two types of waste: cardboard from packaging and vegetable waste. Two subsidiaries are used for the reuse of this waste: the cardboard is collected by a specialized supplier to be recycled and the plants are recovered for animal feed.

3 .    fair trade

Agreements are reached with the producers during the preparation of the campaign to organize the supply of different squashes. This operation allows the distribution of volumes over the season to enhance the value of the products. The producer benefits from a commitment on volumes and prices. This system corresponds to fair trade values

4 .    Conditions of work

Aware that the social is the heart of the business, we are committed to our employees. Management works with all employees to improve their working conditions. The arduousness of each position was studied and solutions were put in place in prevention: individual and collective protective equipment, material handling equipment, cutting equipment, optimization of space ...

5 .    local workforce

To cope with the seasonal nature of the business, the company occasionally uses local workforce to complement its teams. The goal is to retain this staff so that it comes back each year by promoting a good working atmosphere close to home.

6 .    economic model

The business model evolves to follow market trends. With many years of experience in the marketing of squash, we have developed the range of sliced squash with butternut, pumpkin and ​​spaghetti squash. As consumption patterns continue to evolve towards products that are even easier to prepare, fresh cutting has naturally become part of our offer. On the one hand, ready-to-eat raw fruits and vegetables: fruit salads, appetizer platters ... and in parallel with ready-to-bake recipes: ratatouille, roasted pan fries, sweet potato fries ...

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